Reflections, of sorts, in verse, of sorts.

Category: poetry


home from a
midnight shift
at the jigsaw puzzle factory
she shakes from her clothes
bits of shapely sunsets
train stations
and unicorns
before retiring to
an evening filled
with ill-fitting




her seamstress hands
patterned with pleated lines and trimmed
by measured confidence
they hold more perfectly
than any stitch


Early Spring

by afternoon
only the memory
of warm hands


Riverside Devotion

bent at the waist
beneath the weight of winter
small stones
catch your sighs
and whispers


Last Halloween

just thinking about
how time flies
and last Halloween
behind that mask
the way your eyes soared

20131012-161307.jpgphoto Jo ©2013


of the full moon
empty cup

photo Jo ©2013

After rehearsal

a band of women
orchestrate their instruments
through studio doors
and shake into our night
where they’re right away struck
by the moon; it’s naked and
round tonight like
a drum of white fire

lust hangs from them
clear throats and heavy breasts
but they are only pretty so
I turn and strain my eyes
to make out dark things
on that spacious spot-lit snare
and think instead
of artists I know —
that I know of —
some beautiful and
handsome in their work
who wouldn’t look away
from skies like this
for anything short of
symphonic Armageddon

20130721-194555.jpgphoto Jo ©2013

hot drops

through the rain
I watch you melt
and forget

photo Jo ©2013

Too Late

each evening
I’m early getting
off to bed; but then
plastered across windows
beneath black piano keys
stretched atop your
soft soft skin —

photo Jo ©2013


If only you were here
I’d spill my joy onto the canvas
display what I have learned.
Look! I use red to spin
a rose atop my thumb
and breathe in blue from
heavenly horizons. See
now there are two of me —
one green who
walks and dances
like a paper man
eats pears and scatters falcons;
the other purple
and prone to weeping.

I see words inside clock mirrors
swing darkly from pendulums with
webs extending from my ribs.

I nod to texture.
I leap to form.

I wait
to speak
but all alone.

20130606-083959.jpgphoto Jo ©2013