Reflections, of sorts, in verse, of sorts.

Month: June, 2013

hot drops

through the rain
I watch you melt
and forget

photo Jo ©2013


Too Late

each evening
I’m early getting
off to bed; but then
plastered across windows
beneath black piano keys
stretched atop your
soft soft skin —

photo Jo ©2013


If only you were here
I’d spill my joy onto the canvas
display what I have learned.
Look! I use red to spin
a rose atop my thumb
and breathe in blue from
heavenly horizons. See
now there are two of me —
one green who
walks and dances
like a paper man
eats pears and scatters falcons;
the other purple
and prone to weeping.

I see words inside clock mirrors
swing darkly from pendulums with
webs extending from my ribs.

I nod to texture.
I leap to form.

I wait
to speak
but all alone.

20130606-083959.jpgphoto Jo ©2013