Reflections, of sorts, in verse, of sorts.

Month: December, 2012

Tanka 1

We must have been
the oldest people in the crowd
last night.
In place of a hangover
this ringing in my ears.

20121230-221420.jpgphoto Jo ©2012



I suppose I’m grateful that
this pain at least ensures
I’m distracted
from the thought of you
and that gentle scent
of perfection

20121221-200046.jpgphoto Jo ©2012


Loneliness hides behind doors
and the legs of dining room tables.

Very close. It can’t be
unmet or forgotten only

pushed and kept waiting.
Like a good poem it’s

something you lose right after
it’s read and always

by somebody else.

20121221-200016.jpgphoto Jo ©2012

City Park Rosebush

How did you
come here?
I beg let me
kneel and watch
with shoes and soil-sopped knees
the light move across
every nettled hand
you hold out
to the sun.

20121208-220404.jpgphoto Jo ©2012