Reflections, of sorts, in verse, of sorts.

Month: August, 2012

Just So I Know

The ironing that I do
The lifting and washing
of the walls. Has it ever
only once, brought me
anything but more of
the same labor? Ever
any love?

photo Jo ©2012


That Long

When I was an intern
some old man named Gabe
came in early one day
seemingly just to tell me
as I was photocopying the world,
“The problem with being married
to such a beautiful girl like my wife is — ”
I rolled me eyes, jammed
more paper into the machine. Exhaled.
“That you spend every party
every time in public
keeping away other men.
And when you aren’t there
you worry.”

He died, I heard, in his office
a few years later. Heart attack.

It took me that long
all that time
to realize you know
instead of being long-haired
and ambitious then
I should have put my work away
sat there with him
that morning like a man
and wept.

photo Jo ©2012